Supporting the environment

Doing our bit to support the environment

Beautiful, elegant, and luxurious. Our timeless cars are all of those things and more, but we can’t really argue that they’ve ever been known for their generous miles per gallon.

So, to minimise our footprint and do our bit to support the unprecedented improvement in air quality, for every two weddings we do, we’re going to plant a tree. Given that forest restoration is considered to be a number one strategy for tackling the climate crisis, that’s something we feel pretty good about.

We’ve also performed a simple ECU remapping on all of our cars. Put simply, this tweaks their overall performance, but most importantly reduces fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Obviously, in the current Covid climate, we are meticulously cleaning our cars between use, but again we’re determined to do our bit by using environmentally friendly cleaning products.
We’re making the most of our cars so you can make the most of your wedding, safe in the knowledge that we’re all being responsible.